Motheric Paciclip Leather Pacifier Clip Natural
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Motheric Paciclip Leather Pacifier Clip Natural


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Motheric Paciclip, Leather Pacifier Clip, Teething Ring and Teether Toy Holder


Genuine Vegetal Leather

With the Motheric Paciclip Leather Pacifier Strap, you will not have to worry about where your baby’s pacifier is. Pacifiers will no longer fall on the floor or get out of reach, so they will always stay clean!

Motheric Paciclip Leather Pacifier Clip

The wooden clip is made of beech wood without varnish. The metal clip, which does not contain lead and chrome, is specially designed not to harm your baby’s clothes. The clip can be easily opened and easily attached to your baby’s clothing

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  • BPA Free
  • Safe
  • Strong Knots
  • Hand painted with water-based paint
  • Natural beech wood clip
  • Without varnish
  • Lead and chromium free


  • Length : 10.5 inch
  • Weight: 2 (oz)
  • Packing :1 x Paci Clip
  • Ages for: 3+ months old

The body part is made of vegetal leather. No chemical treatment was applied in its tanning. Hand painted with water-based paint that does not contain chemicals.

  • Keeping pacifier and teether toys close to baby and off the floor.
  • Fits all baby pacifiers.
  • Easily clip it to clothes,saliva bibs,toys,teething rings,blankets,strollers and car seats.
  • Easy to clean and use
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